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 "A true child of the soil whose musical talent  is a voyage to a distant  past that resonates to  the present with an indigenous purity of age." Tinashe Sibanda Newsday Zimbabwe. 

Tapz Afrique Munya is an award winning performing artist, songwriter and an activist born in Harare, Zimbabwe. His music interest began at an early age, at home where singing and dancing was part of growing up. His mother a storyteller, used to sing whilst telling late night stories and  he proudly credits her for his singing and musical abilities. He developed an early keen interest in local cross-cultural exchange programs and partnerships, performing with established musicians and artists. 

A self-taught mbira, marimba, djembe and African drums player, who also sings in Shona, English, Tonga and Ndebele. His extended musical repertoire includes the panpipe, piano, acoustic guitar and saxophone. 

 His mixed southern African background exposed him to various styles and his main influences have been Afro fusion jazz, Soul, Pop and Traditional music. Over the past years he has collaborated with various artistes with whom he recorded and performed internationally.

Together with his band Savannah Afros he managed create a genre of music they call Zimbo groove which is a mixture of Zimbabwe and Southern African influences. This project has been his major musical influence. 

Tapz Munya is mesmerized with a voice that is described as smooth and Afrocentric. His style is compared to Femi Kuti, Ringo and Eric Wainaina with social issues resonating in his music. In 2011 Tapz Munya was recruited for an international cultural exchange program called UMOJA Cultural Flying Carpet where he collaborated with his mentor Eric Wainaina from Kenya. In 2012 his band won a ticket to represent Zimbabwe at Music Crossroads Inter-Regional Finales in Mozambique where they won 2nd place. His music has been received with great enthusiasm wherever its played, receiving heavy rotation on local radio well into 2012 and 2013. Reviews have described his stage presence similar to Femi Kuti and his band as one of the most innovative young artistes currently performing in Zimbabwe. Tapz Munya holds a National Certificate in Music from the Zimbabwe College of Music and is currently pressuring further studies at College of the Arts in Namibia and UNISA South African. These studies include a degree in African Performing Arts & Development and African Musicology respectively. Apart from his current studies and regular live performances, Tapz Munya is involved with several arts activists and community projects.

 There is a saying - „It takes a village to raise a child.” In many ways this mantra has influenced

 Tapz Munya’s working philosophy and creative concepts, in both his music and community involvement. Notable past projects include: Njiva meaning Dove - the title track to Flame - a documentary project with the Zimbabwe Goethe Institute, focused in creating awareness of HIV/AIDS, gender-based violence and child abuse in Zimbabwe. 

 Music Reach, a Norwegian based music project, raising funds for selected children’s homes from around the world. 

 Apart from featuring as regular artist on local performance platforms including Book Cafe,  Jazz 105, SPOKEN WORD NAMIBIA, Song Night and FreeYourMind, Tapz Munya established Rhymes I Wrote Namibia - an underground platform for artist to perform their original works. Rhymes I Wrote Namibia takes place on a monthly basis at the Theater School and is free to the public.


 Tapz Munya currently volunteers as a music instructor for Physically Active Youth (PAY), an NGO organization working to promote healthy development of young people in low income communities. PAY focuses on providing an after-school program that fun, challenging and comforting, using innovative curricula and activities to promote children’s learning. He has earmarked three long term projects for 2014 and beyond. These include:


 Afrique Arts Music - a studio and record label creating and promoting ingenious music.


 Afrique Arts Lab - an organization that focuses on mentorship programs for talented youth and children through the means of music, art and life skills. Drums Speak, a percusion and drumming collective promoting indigenous African music through playing and listening sessions. 


 Contact Name: Tapuwanashe Munyayi


 Contact Number: +264813340667/ +263774077010 


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