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Mbiravolution is a community of mbira players, researchers, makers and lovers, coming collectively for the enhancement of the mbira instrument and music to fashion mbira 'Transfiguration and Permanence!


Mbira+ rEvolution = Mbiravolution


Mbiravolution develops, protects and preserves the Mbira music and instrument and is a space which will always evolve to serve the best interest of mbira.


Founded in 2012, the community has significantly contributed towards facilitating exchange of knowledge, skills and ideas about the Mbira through strategic programing. Various programs included Concerts, Public Discussion Platforms, Artists Mbira Workshops, Archiving and Mbira Exhibition. This preserves the traditional mbira spaces and also creating new spaces for the beautiful instrument.


Mbiravolution assist the community in developing work that improves livelihoods and contribute to the national heritage and culture.


The Mbira is a very unique instrument to Zimbabwe which is played in diverse contexts such as religious, social and commercial. One of our core objectives is to ensure that this instrument gets more exposure and that its relevance in the mainstream cultural heritage of Zimbabwe is noticed and understood.


No doubt that the Mbira has a strong and solid position in the future and Mbiravolution will play its role to ensure that this position is maintained and that every Zimbabwean gets an opportunity to interact with the esteemed instrument.



It is the hope of Mbiravolution that the dream of A Mbira For Every Child™ will one day be realised.

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